The Boomtown Fair Festival Experience

The Boomtown Fair Festival Experience

Festival goers united for the 15th annual Boomtown Fair this summer, ready to experience the madness of this FAR from average festival…

For Boutique Marquees, this was our first Boomtown experience, supplying two of our 10x22 Sperry Tents for the Skylark and Orchid VIP campsites.    

Boomtown is a world where the best parts of music, theatre, gaming and amusement parks collide.  From the moment you arrive, you’re transported to a world filled with spectacular sights and sounds that will fill you with curiosity.  

Our Sperry Tents created a unique outdoor venue for both VIP campsites, furnished with a bar and impressive DJ line-up, styled on-theme with the Boomtown festival experience.    

Boomtown isn’t just about music. It’s about creativity, connection, celebration, theatre, art and most important of all, community. Find out more here.  

Photos by Zak at This is Glasslife  

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