Why choose Sperry Tents over other 'Sailcloth' Marquees?

Why choose Sperry Tents over other 'Sailcloth' Marquees?

With so many imitations of the Sperry Tent now on the market, it can be difficult to recognise when you are being offered the genuine product. We know, however, that as soon as you step inside one of these beautiful structures, you will see, feel and hear the Sperry difference!

Read on to discover the full detail on why you should choose Sperry Tents for your wedding or event:

1. The Sperry Tent is the only genuine sailcloth canopy in the market today.

The sailcloth material used in the manufacture of Sperry Tents is also used by their sister company Sperry Sails, to make sails for yachts and sailboats, and this is where the name “Sailcloth Marquee” originated.

The name, Sperry Tent comes from the US based, Sperry family, who manufacture the marquees. They have trademarked the unique name and shape of the marquee. As a result, copies of this style of marquee have been coined, Sailcloth Marquees, despite not actually being made of sailcloth material.

With their unrivalled heritage and craftsmanship, the Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art, marked by handcrafted timber poles and nautical design cues.

2. The signature elegant silhouette

The sailcloth material used for the Sperry Tent canopy, boasts incredible tensile strength. It is lightweight, with a slight stretch, which means that the canopy can be constructed into an architecturally beautiful shape. A shape that cannot be emulated using alternative materials.

This unrivalled tensile strength results in the signature swooping lines of the Sperry silhouette or ridgeline, enhanced by the different length poles used along the centreline of the marquee.

If you look very closely at the silhouette of other marquees you will notice the difference between the shape of each ridgeline, and particularly at the curved ends of the Sperry Tent, where the larger radius creates a more striking swooping line. 

3. The Sperry Glow

The incredibly strong yet lightweight sailcloth material is the most translucent on the market and therefore allows plenty of diffused natural daylight through during the daytime, whilst creating the amazing “Sperry Glow” in the evening when your event lighting is on.

The Oyster colouring of the underside of the sailcloth canopy allows a softer, diffused light through, and is designed to create the perfect ambient lighting for your wedding or event photography.

4. Single piece, box fresh canopy

The weight and strength of the Sperry sailcloth means that Sperry Tents are the only marquees which use a canopy made in one single piece. Therefore, each Sperry canopy is created to a specific size (eg 7x13m, 10x22m, 14x26m). Such an engineering feat reduces the need for cluttered lines when compared to other marquees that are erected using a modular system. The modular system is required when a marquee is made using thick canvas or even PVC material, as it needs to be erected in sections due to the heavy weight of the canopy material. This style of marquee will also require a a significantly higher number of side poles to accommodate the heavier canopy.

The heavier canvas or PVC material marquees, will have noticeable seams along each section which are laced together, and can be unsightly, when compared to the Sperry's single piece elegance. Seams will also increase the risk of water leaks.

5. Incredible attention to detail

The Sperry Tents boast trademarked intricate detailing and therefore require minimal decoration (yep, that means no lining!!). 

The finest details include crescent moons around the points where the side poles meet the canopy, and eye-catching sunshine shapes at the high peaks where the central king poles meet the canopy.

Sperry have designed their marquees with such precision that all wall joins are hidden behind wall poles. This seemingly small detail reduces visual obstructions and maintains the signature elegance of the Sperry Tent.

You will notice on other marquees, the walls do not meet behind the side poles. As a result, you will often see large laced seams where the walls are tied together halfway between two side poles which can look unsightly and cluttered. With our Sperry Tents, all walls meet where the side poles are, so the joins (very thin, zipped sections) are all strategically hidden behind the poles. 

The Sperry attention to detail continues where the canopy meets the top of the side walls. The walls are joined to the canopy using an ingenious hooking mechanism which makes them very easy to remove and replace, whilst maintaining that elegant aesthetic. The Sperry system removes the need for the large flaps you will notice around the entire base of the canopy when viewing other sailcloth style marquees.

6. Hand Milled King Poles & Side Poles

Sperry Tents only use single piece, hand milled spruce king poles. These come in lengths of up to 25ft, which when topped with the 6ft flagpoles make them the the tallest, grandest genuine sailcloth marquees available. 

The Sperry Tent also varies the height of its king poles to accentuate the signature silhouette.

Most other marquees use king poles which come in 2 pieces and require a large metal collar at the midpoint about 10ft high where the poles join. They will also use the same height king poles throughout the length of the marquee. 

When it comes to side poles, the Sperry requires less than any other marquee. This is because the Sperry sailcloth canopy is so lightweight. The side poles are spaced at 10ft intervals, where most other marquees need to have poles at 5ft intervals to carry the weight of the canopy. 

7. Beautiful, even when the walls are rolled up!

The Sperry walls are weighted at their bases with a full length batten, which doubles up as levelling device to retain the clean lines once the walls are rolled up – no more unsightly rolled up walls hanging haphazardly in the background of your beautiful photographs.

The "solo roll" side walls can easily be rolled up or down, so that you can quickly and easily react to weather conditions. The battens located in the base of each side wall double as a helpful tool to enable just one person to roll up each wall and achieve a clean line - without having to get multiple people involved!

Depending on the aesthetic you are going for (and the great British weather...), walls can also be removed in their entirety, using the ingenious (and simple) Sperry hooking mechanism. 

8. 30ft Flagpoles with Whimsical 6ft Pennant Style Flags

The Sperry Tent is the only marquee of its type that can have 6ft flagpoles atop the 25ft central King Poles, due to method of installation used. The whimsical flags can be personalised or branded if desired, and are the unique finishing touch of a genuine Sperry Tent.

9. Pulley Ropes, Guy Ropes and Side Straps

The king poles on a Sperry Tent are held in place entirely by the strength of the canopy (impressive, hey!). Most other marquees require multiple guy ropes to be attached to the top of the king poles, which then run down to the ground diagonally across the marquee, crossing other guys ropes in a “web” effect. A standard 4 pole marquee made by another manufacturer will have 16 guys ropes crossing one another. Each of these guy ropes requires a further stake in the ground.

Other marquees will also have their heavy, multi piece canopies hoisted up the king poles using a pulley system, requiring significant lengths of rope. These pulley ropes are then gathered around the flagpoles above the canopy, and again around the king poles inside the marquee and wound into large balls of excess rope. The genuine Sperry Tent has been designed specifically to avoid the use pulleys and excess rope in the installation process.

As stated previously, fewer side poles are required for a Sperry Tent, resulting in fewer side straps. By limiting the number of side straps, the Sperry can achieve the most elegant, clean look (no crossing guy ropes in sight!).

10. We always use Baby Sperry Tents for our Catering Tents!

At Boutique Marquees, we only supply beautiful Baby Sperry Tents for our ancillary or service tents. No more unsightly joining structures, or catering tents detracting from the aesthetic of your event. Why settle for an industrial PVC catering or green room structure when you can use a beautiful Baby Sperry Tent?

11. The Star Attraction

Sperry Tents have been used at star studded events across the world, including Barrack Obama’s 60th birthday party which was attended by guests including Beyonce, George Clooney, Stephen Spielberg, Jay-zee, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks to name but a few.

We’d love to hear all about your exciting wedding or event plans. Please click here to get in touch with the Boutique Marquees team and we can start your journey to create the perfect Sperry Tent outdoor venue. 

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