Top 5 tips for planning your wedding flowers!

We’re just loving wedding planning tips at the moment! After the success of our last post, we asked the gorgeously talented Cotswolds & Midlands-based florist Hannah, from Bride & Bloom, to give us her top tips for planning the wedding florals of your dreams. She’s even put corresponding Pinterest boards together to correspond with each tip – we told you she was dreamy! Over to Hannah…

Under Canvas

No doubt your marquee will be set up in a garden or in the countryside; both with their own beauty, so I’d suggest not competing with them when deciding on where to have your florals. Instead, use your marquee as the backdrop to frame your wedding flowers, especially if using a beautiful sailcloth marquee or elegant petal pole design from the team at Boutique Marquees.

I often suggest to my couples to consider larger focal arrangements – beautiful over-spilling urns, meadow runners or an arch situated at the entrance.

It’s about spending in the RIGHT places, not ALL the places!


Again, draw on the fact that your marquee offers a blank white canvas for your florist to create against- wow-wee installations are a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors and make a great talking point, drawing focus to the marquee and celebrations inside.

I love creating installations, whether it’s a hanging cloud or a scrambling floor creation that appears to grow across the bar, each one is so unique and never the same…


If you’re overwhelmed by the array of tablescape ideas then first consider your budget- lots of guests means lots of tables so invariably more arrangements!

Table shape can also help inform the design… Long tables do suit garlanding- floral or foliage and paired with an overhead hanging install makes for a striking top table set up. Compotes interspersed down a garland length also work well to add interest and height variation… but candles can offer a cheaper alternative to this idea!

Round tables do really suit low round compotes- especially when filled with scented British blooms ! Again a cheaper alternative could be to use potted plants that can double up as Thank you gifts.

If you have your heart set on tall arrangements, then do check with your marquee supplier about flooring levels as obviously uneven ground is not so suited to top heavy arrangements!

English Country Garden

Mirror your surroundings and encapsulate the English countryside by asking your florist to use locally sourced flowers!

They create truly ethereal and gorgeous designs. Unlike imported flowers (which are bred to be straight and uniform) British Flowers are really characterful; stems are a bit wonky and they smell extraordinary! You’ll be supporting local business and reducing your carbon footprint as well – win win!


We all know botanicals and interiors are having a moment right now and rightly so!

So, if romantic designs aren’t your thing then consider hanging greenery, houseplants and succulents to make for a bold and striking look.

Again- I urge you to insist on British bred plants, there are lots of suppliers out there that your florist can work with and they offer a great way to decorate your marquee! Consider plants hung at different levels in macramé or Japanese kokedama, potted succulents on your tables or grouped house plants to frame your chill out area!

There we have it… Hannah’s top tips for pulling together the perfect outdoor wedding florals. If you’d like to find out more about Hannah and her work, visit her website:

You can get in touch via her online enquiry form – she’s always more than happy to chat all things flowers with you!

Speak soon! The Boutique Marquees Team xxx

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