Sperry Tents

Impeccably elegant and beautifully effortless, Sperry Tents, already an American icon of glamorous parties in the Hamptons, can transform your event into the celebration of a lifetime.

A luxury brand built on heritage and authenticity, Sperry Tents have been crafted by the same family from Massachusetts since 1975, when Steve Sperry began making beautiful custom sails for yachts. Sperry’s nautical heritage is still evident in the tents material and design. Featuring hand sewn panels of genuine oyster-coloured sailcloth and hand milled wooden poles, these tents really stand out compared to more conventional sailcloth and white vinyl tents.

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Authentic craftsmanship, refined quality and use of the very finest natural materials can be seen and felt in every detail of a Sperry Tent.

The geometric design elements enhance the simplicity of the Sperry’s clean crisp lines. Dramatic peaks topped with whimsical flags create a timeless silhouette which has become synonymous with New England elegance. Handcrafted from genuine sailcloth, the stunning canopies are natural breathable and open or clear sidewalls allow the interior to be flooded with natural light. As the sun goes down, the warm oyster-coloured canvas softly glows at night creating a wonderful ambience for your event.

Whether for an intimate gathering or the celebration of a lifetime, the Sperry Tent is the ultimate outdoor venue, making every occasion a truly memorable one.