Sailcloth Tents
With an unrivalled heritage and their superior quality materials and craftsmanship, our Sailcloth tents are the very best you can hire for your event.
Luxury, high class performance materials

We have undertaken extensive research and gone to great lengths to ensure we have selected a product specifically designed to withstand the UK weather and climate, and one which is crafted from fully weatherproofed, white canvas.

Handcrafted on a farm nestled in the Surrey countryside, our Sailcloth tents are produced using low impact manufacturing, from natural materials. All of the central poles and each wall pole are wooden and crafted from sustainable, Douglas fir.

Unlike Sailcloth tents made from PVC vinyl, our canvas Sailcloth tents have a wonderful translucent quality and the fabric is naturally breathable. For an event as important as your wedding day, we would not settle for anything less.

Artisan Craftmanship

Modelled on the iconic Sperry tents that originate from the USA, our Sailcloth tents exude luxury and a nautical, Hamptons inspired chic. They are produced with the utmost attention to detail by skilled craftsman and feature: soaring, curved rooflines white cotton flags that gently sway atop tall, wooden central poles intricate, star shaped detailing in the ceiling space at the top of each central pole crescent shaped detailing atop each wooden wall pole full, panoramic clear sides (fully removable in good weather) beautiful hand turned, wooden finials that can be supplied in different shapes and have been made in the UK by R L Trim marquees, a small family run business based in Cerne Abbas, Dorset for over 50 years

Heritage and Provenance

Our marquees are lovingly handmade in the UK by a manufacturer that has been making marquees since 1884, having started out making them for the family catering business. With such heritage and provenance comes a mastery of artistry and quality that is paramount to our offering. As you would expect, through generations of experience, our manufacturer has created a design with structural integrity and beauty at its heart. This requires a particular technique to be employed in the installation of the Sailcloth tents which makes them structurally stronger and more weatherproof than other designs whereby a gap remains at the top of each central pole, allowing water to get through. Whilst the method employed in their installation makes our Sailcloth tents more time consuming to build, it is worth it for the peace of mind it affords when it comes to the great British weather.

12m x 18m Sailcloth

2 poles and 2 flags

Perfect for smaller weddings and intimate celebrations of up to approximately 100 seated


12m x 24m Sailcloth

3 poles and 3 flags

The ideal space for up to approximately 130 seated


12m x 30m Sailcloth

4 poles and 4 flags

Go all out with our 30m structure and seat up to approximately 200


12m x 36m Sailcloth

5 poles and 5 flags

Throw the ultimate party with our 36m structure and seat up to approximately 260


*Seating capacities based on 8ft wooden trestle tables and provide space for a dancefloor, bar, stage and chill out furniture
Standing at over 7 metres high, our Sailcloth tents provide some serious wow factor, both inside and out.

All our Sailcloth tents can be styled with our range of Extras.

Key Features