Our Sailcloth marquees exude luxury and style whilst channelling a distinctive American vibe, having been modelled on the iconic Sperry tents. These exclusive, luxury marquees feature beautiful stitching and decorative detailing to the interior ceiling, together with high peaks topped with floaty, white flags. The almost translucent nature of the cotton canvas fabric looks stunning at night with party lights shining through.

Our Sailcloth marquees also feature 100% clear window walls meaning you get fantastic 360 degree views of your chosen venue. In very favourable weather, the side walls can be removed completely to create more of a canopy effect and allow your guests to enjoy your outdoor venue to the full.

Lovingly crafted in the UK from cotton canvas, our Sailcloth marquees are designed to withstand the British climate and weather conditions! Whilst traditional sailcloth fabric is designed to be wind resistant, it is not necessarily water resistant so we have sourced a Sailcloth marquee that is far more suited to the climate and standards found in Europe. Although manufactured using modern fabrics and materials, this marquee retains a wonderful traditional and crafted finish.

Our Sailcloth marquee differs from our Petal Pole marquee in that it has a more dramatic, swooping shape to the ridge line, has rounded rather than square ends for a softer look and has a limited external canopy for a cleaner, sharper style. Both marquees feature wooden poles sourced from UK grown, sustainable Douglas Fir.

So if you’re looking for an eye catching marquee that will provide the wow factor, enquire about our Sailcloth marquee today!