Rain, rain, go away!

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so here are a few tips and ideas to not let it ruin your big day! From rain to shine, wind or snow be prepared for all occasions with a marquee wedding, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, while knowing that you have shelter should the heavens open or the weather change.

Bring the outside in

With a marquee wedding you don’t need to let the rain stop you from enjoying the nature, as you can bring the nature into the marquee and keep enjoying your festivities in the dry. For example, why not use wild flowers as table decorations, logs as stands, or tie flowers to surround the marquee:

Or bring the inside out

Bring your home comforts outside without needing to worry about the weather by hiring a marquee. It is an easy way to stop you worrying about the rain, wind or even (dare I say) if it gets too hot, a marquee is somewhere which you and your guests can enjoy while still having the option to be outside.

We all know that rain and electricity isn’t the best mix, but with shelter from a marquee,  you can be sure that the rain won’t put a dampener on your day and you will no longer have to worry! Then you can continue to decorate your marquee however you wish, with bunting, fairy-lights, a bar or even put your own stamp on it with some origami birds!

Be prepared

Although a marquee can keep you and your guests warm and cosy, why not be prepared and provide some bits and pieces to help your day run smoothly? For example, umbrellas in a basket or blankets hung up can not only be very practical but add a cute, cosy touch to your marquee. Also we all know that heels are not the most sensible footwear for an outdoor event, especially if it is in a field or woodland, so why not provide some wellies for your party?

Then if the rain doesn’t make an appearance you could turn these items for other uses, such as sit outside on the blankets and enjoy being in the outdoors. Or maybe have some fun and games and use the wellies for welly wanging!


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