Top tips for planning your marquee wedding

Welcome to our very first blog post! Today we are bringing you our top tips for planning your marquee wedding. Marquees offer the ultimate blank canvas when it comes to wedding venues. No unwanted colour schemes, swirly patterned carpets or chintzy curtains to contend with! The options for interior decor and style are endless, but that’s not to say that planning a marquee wedding is easy. Read on for our top tips…

Hire a wedding planner

With a marquee wedding you need to bring everything together under one roof. You need to think about food and drink, furniture, tableware, toilets, lighting, heating, generators, and more! That’s an awful lot to coordinate. For this reason, it makes sense to call in the professionals. At Boutique Marquees we can coordinate everything for you and take away all of the stress and planning headaches. We can also offer an on the day co-ordination service to ensure everything runs smoothly. The last thing you want to be concerned with on one of the biggest days of your life are any last minute issues!

Make an impact

A marquee represents a wonderful, light and airy space on which you can unleash your creativity and ideas! Likewise, they also provide a vast, extremely white space which without careful planning and consideration can remain looking just that: white and empty!! For example, our traditional pole and canvas marquees can reach 21ft in height. That’s an incredible ceiling height to work with. Consider using bunting, paper pom poms, hanging lanterns, origami birds, floral chandeliers, or any other installation that takes your fancy, to fill the space and add the wow factor.

Let there be light!

Lighting can be both practical and pretty. You will need lighting inside and outside your marquee. Fairy lights and chandeliers are the most popular choice for inside, whilst outside we think lanterns hanging from shepherds crooks look stunning, as does festoon lighting adorning the marquee exterior and strung between any nearby trees.

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Power to the people

Your venue may be able to provide you with adequate power, in which case great! If not, you will need to hire in a generator to give you the power you need for things such as catering and lighting. If you’re having a band play at your wedding they will almost certainly need a power source too. Some bars may also require a power source.

Be creative with furniture

Hiring a marquee is a great way to really inject some of your personal style in to your wedding celebrations. It’s a blank canvas and free reign to create whatever you want! Consider hiring some vintage furniture for quirky outdoor seating, a vintage dresser/dressing table/sideboard can provide a lovely elegant piece from which to create a dessert table or somewhere for guests to leave cards and gifts. These pieces of furniture can really add some wow to your event and there are so many ways to style them! You could also consider collecting old deckchairs and upcycling them for a unique outdoor seating area for your guests.






Setting up and clearing away

Depending on your venue and the services they offer, you will likely have to do the vast majority of setting up and clearing away yourselves. Be prepared and ask family and friends to pitch in and help, or even better hire in some help so you can jet off on honeymoon whilst someone else takes care of clearing away the party debris! If you do decide to DIY, make lists and delegate tasks so everyone is clear on what needs doing and who is doing it. Don’t forget the bin bags for the big clear up!

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