Frequently Asked Questions

What size Marquee will I need?

Please see our individual marquee pages for the seated capacity of our marquees as well as suggested floor layout plans for more information about how many people our marquees can hold.

How much space do your Marquees require?

Our marquees require additional space to accommodate the guy ropes/stakes.

Our 12m x 18m marquees = space of at least 15m x 21m

Our 12m x 24m marquees = space of at least 15m x 27m

Our 12m x 30m marquees = space of at least 15m x 33m

What surfaces can your Marquees be erected upon?

Our marquees are only suitable for erection on lawns/fields/grassy areas. They can not be erected on hard surfaces such as patios, paths or driveways.

Do you offer free site visits?

We offer free, no obligation site visits to measure the available space at your chosen venue and discuss your event plans in more detail.

Are your Marquees waterproof?

All our marquees have been treated with a special weatherproofing solution and are 100% waterproof.

We also use a waterproof membrane under our matting when the ground conditions are wet. This prevents any moisture being absorbed by the matting flooring.

Are your Marquees suitable for use in the winter?

We don’t take bookings for the winter months unfortunately as our marquees are at their best from March – September.

How can we decorate your Marquees?

Our marquees are perfect for internal and external decoration, the possibilities really are endless!

In the past, our clients have decorated our marquees with paper lanterns, paper birds/cranes and faux flowers. If you need inspiration, please do let us know as we love coming up with ideas for décor.

When will you set up the Marquee?

Our usual set up days are Wednesday and Thursday for a Saturday event. If you need it set up earlier, we can be flexible.

When will you take down the Marquee?

Our usual take down days are Sunday and Monday. Again, we can be flexible.

How long will it take to set up?

The process of putting up our marquees is very labour intensive so we allow a full day for set up.
Will you set up all the furniture inside the marquee?
We will ensure all the furniture you have booked is placed inside the marquee, however we can’t promise we will be able to arrange it as per your specifications as it depends on how much time we have on the day of set up.

Does the process of erecting the Marquees cause any damage to lawns?

We use motorised tools to drive the iron stakes into grass and whilst noisy, these do not cause any undue damage to the grass.

Can we use tea lights/candles inside your Marquees?

Due to fire safety regulations, all naked flames need to be safely contained within tall lanterns/containers.