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In recent years, there has been heavy focus on reducing waste and human consumption for the good of the planet. This should absolutely be mapped onto your wedding plans. When Princess Eugenie wed Jack Brooksbank in October ’18 she opted for an eco-friendly wedding. This peaked a lot of people’s interest. Our business places us in the glorious British countryside and attracts clientele that enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by nature. We want to explore how achievable having an eco friendly marquee wedding is and what what it actually means.

Alpacas – Faerie Tale Alpacas
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Online invites

One idea that we absolutely love is creating a unique website for your guests to RSVP. There is always some sort of undeniable hassle in responding to your invite by returning an RSVP slip by post. Maybe you forget, maybe life gets in the way. Hey, it happens! We’re not saying completely rid yourself of all the gorgeous and sustainable wedding stationery on offer, absolutely not. But for the initial correspondence, save your pennies where you can and go digital! Once you’ve received your definite responses, you could always send out physical invites to those attending. We know people love a keepsake!  

Top tip – set up an inbox in your e-mail account which these replies automatically go into! If you’re really tech savvy you could have two, one for yes and one for no.

Hire, don’t buy

We have an extensive catalogue of props available for you to hire to help bring your marquee wedding to life. We believe this to be the most ethical way to decorate your wedding. By hiring your props, you will reduce the amount of waste packaging, single use plastics and pollution in the environment. We also have an absolutely fabulous in-house marquee stylist. Katie, founder of The Vintage House That Could, has a plethora of props, furniture and décor options available for you to choose from. What’s more, she will outsource anything you may need to make your Wedding Marquee match your vision. You can rest assured everything will be taken care of.

Photography – Jessica Raphael Photography
Styling – The Vintage House That Could
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Wedding flowers are always a must. Fresh flowers just seem to transform any event and, let’s face it, they’re just bloomin’ beautiful. It is absolutely, 100% possible to include flowers in your day and keep your ecological wedding morals intact. Remember, a lot of companies will use pesticides on their flowers. If you shop locally, not only are you supporting local businesses and cutting transportation costs, but you are more likely to encounter people who are as mindful as you. Of course, picking flowers that are in season is a must. No use of chemicals, essential. For the modern day bride, floral décor like dried flowers, thistles and pampas grass are seriously on trend which can mean this is easy enough to do yourself!  

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Flowers – Lilac & Wild
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Say no to plastic

Plastic is the number one reason our oceans are so polluted. Did you know that every day approximately 8 billion pieces of plastic find themselves in our oceans? We don’t want to contribute to that and the solution is simple but it does require thought. Reusable crockery, re-usable cutlery, natural material tablecloths such as hemp or hessian, cloth napkins, petal or biodegradable confetti, paper straws, recycled stationery and make the favours edible or keep-able.  A lot of the issue with plastic at events is that things need to be packaged (and are packaged in copious amounts of plastic) in order to be transported. Keep this is mind if you are buying anything or, failing that, hire! Not all plastic is bad though. If you absolutely have to have something that is plastic, make sure you can reuse it or give it a new lease of life. The enemy here is single use plastic!

Another bonus to the reusable dishes, cutlery etc is the reduction on waste. Princess Eugenie not only opted for a plastic free wedding but worked towards having as little waste as possible.

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Cutlery – Rose Metallics
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Crockery – Boutique Marquees Own

Make-up and Hair

A lot of make-up and hair brands test on animals. They also use products which have harmful chemicals and/or micro plastics which find their way into our oceans. It is in your best interest to do some research prior to deciding on your bridal make-up. This is also good practice for the rest of your life. Being more mindful about the products you’re buying may not feel like you’re making much of an impact at the time, but it’s about the overall message which will be sent to companies if we all pull together.  If you are hiring a make-up artist, be sure to question them about their ethical stand-point on cruelty free make-up. Ask what products they will be using and research them. Make sure the make-up brushes are synthetic. When it comes to your wedding hair, again, make sure you or your hairdresser are using products that are sustainable, biodegradable, cruelty free and/or natural.

Wedding dresses

We understand that the dress is one of, if not, THE most important part of your big day. The rustic, boho and vintage themes are completely on trend meaning that you can get away with shopping second hand and tailoring the design to your exact preference. Failing that, you could always find a sustainable designer that is fair trade and uses organic fabric, eco silks and non-toxic dyes. If you opt for a new dress, make sure you look into how you can give your dress a second chance. Being eco conscious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice buying a new dress. Look into how you can recycle it and give it a new lease of life.

Photography – Jessica Raphael Photography
Dress – The Wedding Club


As with your wedding flowers, always think local. Locally grown produce, locally reared meat. Not only is this contributing to your community but will reduce your carbon footprint massively. If you’re getting married in the Midlands where we are based, there are some local breweries and wineries that you and your guests will love. Additionally, we have some of our caterer friends listed on our Friends page. We will link these here.

We have just revamped our Pinterest and have a new board dedicated solely to Ecological weddings. Click here to check that out and don’t forget to follow us over there!

With that, we’ll sign off here.

See you next week!

BM x

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